DigiBoxx – India’s Answer to Dropbox & Google Drive. | Best Alternative for Google Drive in 2021.

DigiBoxx – India’s Answer to Dropbox & Google Drive. | Best Alternative for Google Drive in 2021.

>DigiBoxx is an Indian File Hosting Service, Cloud Storage and File Sharing Platform launched by the Indian Government.

>This is a made-in India service that will store and encrypt data within the country.

This article is about DigiBoxx in case you haven’t heard about it, Digiboxx is a service started by the Indian government who are competing in the space of dropbox and google drive. It’s a service which allows you to store your digital files on Digi box. They have pretty insane pricing, just for free, they allow you to store up to 20 gigabytes for free and for paying merely a 30 INR (0.41 USD) per month you can store up to 2 terabytes.

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Pricing & Usage of DigiBoxx:

It is unfair to compare Digiboxx with dropbox & google drive since it has just started and released its version one, but surely Its UI is amazing. Pricing will surely catch your attention and there are also monthly plans & yearly plans but it’s charging pretty high to SMBs and their customized plan for Enterprises. When you try to Sign Up, it’ll ask you for a lot of details like GST number, addresses etc. It would be great if it has added Sign Up with Google/Facebook Buttons, which makes the form filling for Sign Up hard. You can upload photos, videos & your all-other files, there is no progress bar while uploading, but it is fine. when you click on the file you can just grab the URLs and all details about the file. If you want to embed a file/media somewhere you can have the public address but when you click on embed for a video and try to hit a public URL and open it in incognito tab it shows nothing probably this is some sort of an error. whatever I have explored here I would say from this version, it’s okay but it’s not something yet which can move me from drop box or google drive to Digiboxx.


If you read their terms and conditions they’re pretty standard nothing finicky there but they also openly say that we are using rack bank in case you don’t know rack bank is one of the most pioneer company in providing you with the bare metal or the data centre that you can have and you can read more about them if you wish.

Lack of APIs For Businesses & Enterprises:

I am a little bit bothered about Digiboxx is, there is no API as of now. Programmers need API(Application Programming Interface) if they want programmers to move from a system like a drop box or google drive etc. Since they are selling this product to companies so I looked up for Digiboxx API couldn’t find anything at all so if they want companies to move to Digiboxx then API is a must. The more beautifully crafted the API are the more chances of the companies are to move it up here but I would say it’s a home-grown product and I would give it an edge of being version one here. but I think these all errors and everything can be resolved pretty nicely probably in version two and I’ll write one more article on having updates on the situation on how’s it going right now.



Okay, so this was a kind of a detailed overview of what I liked about the service what I didn’t like about the service. But, at this point, I’m not sold to this service despite their smaller and very affordable plans. I am looking forward to that when and how they are going to expose their APIs so that more of the businesses and enterprises can use this service. But I think in overall I think this is a right step in the right direction, we need some of such homegrown services which not only can store my data points but also can provide me with some of the storage services and some of the data centres here in India which can be easily much more affordable. Right now, the entirety of the internet is all dependent majorly on the amazon data centres which to be honest still to this day is most expensive only in India. But, in the rest of the USA and everywhere they are very much cheap. But Amazon can have a competition, I would say their prices can also drop making things much more affordable for India, but that’s a long way ahead. As of now, I would say that’s a great way of getting started I think you should give it a try to store some of the things.

Source Credits: This article has been written based on a video from Hitesh Choudary Channel in YT

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