Best way to register as “Cyber Volunteer” in India

Best way to register as “Cyber Volunteer” in India

As cyber crime rate has increased over a period of time, there is a huge demand of cyber security professionals both in government and non-government sectors. This is calling folks to register as cyber volunteer India. Due to pandemic, in India and also throughout worldwide, there is a spike in increase of scammers. This happened due to lack of employment which lurk common man to indulge into activities as such.

Indian Govt. is aware of these issues and it is calling for “Cyber Volunteers” for reporting any cyber related unlawful practices. I will walk you through steps to register yourself as a volunteer to help other people by report cyber crimes and spread awareness.

You can register as a “Cyber Volunteer” in more than one category:

  • “Cyber Volunteer Unlawful Content Flagger.”
  • “Cyber Awareness Promoter.”
  • “Cyber Expert.”

Steps to Register :

#1 Visit National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

#2 : Navigate to the volunteers registration page.

  • Hover on “CYBER VOLUNTEERS” tab.
  • Click on “Click here to Register” button on right bottom the page.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
How to register as

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#3 Enter the required details carefully.

  • Select your current resident state.
  • Enter email address in ‘Login ID’.
  • Enter your mobile number and hit on “Get OTP”.
  • After entering the OTP, for human verification, solve the captcha problem.
  • Click on “Submit”.
Cyber Volunteer

#4 Registration Step-1

  • Fill all the basic information.
  • Upload your Resume. Resume should be under 50KB.
  • Choose the volunteer type. You can choose multiple.
  • Choose and upload a National ID.
  • Passport size photo of under 50 KB.
  • Address etc.

#5 Registration Step-2

Enter your own opinion on the questions asked in under 500 characters. Questions could be:

  • “Why you wish to become a Cyber Crime Volunteer?”
  • “Specify any special skills that you are willing to contribute in Cyber Crime Volunteering Program.”
  • “Indicate your availability in term of time /days availability.”

#6 Preview & Final Submit

Verify all the data already provided by you for any incorrectness and hence make sure all the information is true by all means.

Note: Applications could take time to get approved. You can also go to ‘Contact Us’ section on website. I hope this will help people register as cyber volunteer India as much as possilble.

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