iPhone 12 Pro Max / Pro(Review)

iPhone 12 Pro Max / Pro(Review)

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest and the smartest apple iPhone ever. iPhone 12 Pro is smaller Pro model and a superb offer but not the smartest choice. You probably have to look at spending a bit more for the best then iPhone 12 Pro Max is the perfect choice. This is the largest model of 2020 with a better boasting battery life and camera specifications improved on what iPhone 12 Pro offers.


iPhone 12 Pro Max is available in some variant and attractive colours like Pacific Blue, Graphite starting with 128GB at 1,39,000/- and 512GB at 1,59,000/-.

Design and display

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max is taller and wider than series 11 version but slimmer at 7.4 mm than any other Max model. It’s flattened edges of the top and bottom glass makes it look amplified with a flat frame. You get a stainless steel frame all sides and a frosted glass back panel. Design of this phone is just larger version of any iPhone 12 series and despite this, it still fits in the hand, easy to hit lock button and reach volume buttons. As mentioned it is known largest iPhone for its dimensions of 160.8mm x 78.1mm x 7.4mm. To keep up with the technology this model is packed with super OLED display i.e bright and sharp screen. Referring to the thinner bezels around the screen is able to stretch to the edge of the device with a 6.7-inch display. Apple has added ceramic shield to the front to make it four times less likely to crack in case of dropping the phone compared to other versions. It also worked on for water resistance over previous generation now capable of surviving 30 metres when dipped in water.


iPhone 12 Pro Max

There is a little different for iPhone 12 Pro Max from other versions even though they use same powerful A14 Bionic chip as all iPhone 12 models. It has a CPU working with 6 cores consisting high capacity and efficiency this leads to improvement of A14 chip. With some experiments on 5G, this phone is capable of using 5G. Even though 5G isn’t available everywhere now but when it does roll out it will be a good bonus and your phone will be able to connect it. Thus 12 Pro Max ensures a blistering performance at this price range with storage available at 6GB of RAM, 128GB with 256 and 512GB models available.

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Battery life

Large size means has a large capacity. Impressive battery capacity is shown by iPhone 12 Pro Max with 3687 mAh which is lot more than iPhone 12 Pro. It extends up to 2 full days approximately but when used for gaming and heavy usage of camera then it drains quickly. However, it is still enough to carry for one full day and then some. The biggest issue with previous versions is with their smaller batteries it is difficult to last till the end of the way which is now not an issue for iPhone 12 Pro Max. One test proved that with mixed wifi conditions, with some camera use, YouTube testing 60% battery drained in 20 hours which is amazing one over years for an iPhone. Fast charging can be done using a 20W apple charger available that can charge up to 48% in 30 minutes.


iPhone 12 Pro Max

Biggest and best innovation of Apple is MagSafe. It is a magnetic ring in the rear case of iPhone 12 series that is hidden. This has a chip inside that can communicate with iPhone itself that it can trust connected device. For example, wireless MagSafe charger can deliver fast charging as the phone knows that it comes from a trusted device ensuring it’s battery damage. This allows other accessories like cardholders, wallets attached to rear and anything else wants to sticks to mobile. This also eliminates the issue of adjusting the iPhone on the wireless charger to place it in a right place. Like 5G, MagSafe is also an update for the future however magnet is much better than a stuck on pad.

Camera specifications

Apple has made some major updates over iPhone 12 Pro for camera. Three 12MP cameras are available here – standard wide, ultra-wide and 2.5x telephoto zoom. Night mode is available for ultra-wide sensor when phone kept still for different times can turn into dark gloomy depending on the conditions. You might think there isn’t much difference between Pro and Pro Max but Apple has developed this version such that if you want to have the best camera experience choose Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Wide camera offers f/1.6 aperture while ultra-wide has and f/2.4 aperture with 120-degree field of view and for Telephoto aperture goes to f/2.2. Pro Max provides upgraded zoom options. It has optical image stabilization (OIS) for wide camera that moves sensor around inside camera similar to that of DSLR. Switching between the three cameras brings a little change in the quality of image i.e telephoto zoom image looks a little washed out making it different from the previous version. A new addition is the use of a LiDAR sensor- this, when kept on the rear, enables autofocus up to 6 times faster in low-light besides making it easier to capture portraits in night mode. For video shooting, Apple has included support in Dolby vision. Pro Max has a selfie camera with 12 megapixel and f/2.2 aperture camera. Similar to rear cameras it also has night mode, smart HDR3, Dolby vision.

However, one thing annoys you that is Apple has stopped giving charging block and Earpods from the box claiming that everyone has these already thus from this electronic waste can be reduced so far.

Buy it if

  • You need a great screen
  • better battery life
  • impressive and powerful camera
    If you are not buying Pro Max because you want a massive iPhone then you are kind of missing the opportunity. If you can handle the size of this model, then you should go for this as your next device.

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