Will PUBG update be able to recreate its magic in India?

Will PUBG update be able to recreate its magic in India?

PUBG UPDATE plans to create its new path in India with new game and $100 million investment specifically targeting.


As known previously, India banned 118 more mobile apps with Chinese links, including the favoured game PUBG, citing data privacy concerns and a threat to national security, taking the whole count of Chinese-linked mobile apps banned by New Delhi to 224. The PUBG Corporation says it plans to launch a replacement PUBG Mobile game in India, after being banned within the country in September because of the mobile app’s links to China’s Tencent.

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The South Korean developer said it’d create a replacement Indian subsidiary to oversee the title, which the game would “maximize data security and cater to local preferences.”

The corporate also pledged to require an edge $100 million within the Indian “gaming, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries,” though it offered no date for when the game might actually launch. The PUBG Corporation did note, though, that the re-launched game would have certain elements “customized for Indian gamers.”

These include characters starting fully clothed, green liquid replacing blood, and framing the sport as happening during a not the real world.

There’ll even be limits on how long players can use the sport “to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players,”. Though PUBG Mobile UPDATE is willing to return back to India. There exists a robust buzz that the govt of India won’t allow it.

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The government wishes to first see the remake of app, analyse its policies then decide about their change of opinion. As of now, officials haven’t seen the new app. If the govt still claims has apprehensions, PUBG Corporation will need to make more tweaks to the remake also.

One among the most important markets of PUBG Mobile also plans to cultivate the local computer game, esports, entertainment. It also plans to open an office within the country and hire quite 100 employees.

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