Answering your Questions about WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021.

Answering your Questions about WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021.

Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp ?

  • Do facebook engineers don’t know how to build the app like WhatsApp?
    • Of course they know how to build a app like whatsapp but what they need is our data from the WhatsApp.
    • This is the reason facebook bought whatsapp.
whatsapp privacy
  • At First Release of whatsapp they did not charged a single penny from us for using their services.
  • But now they are asking our privacy for providing ads and lot more.
whatsapp privacy

A lot of people afraid about that their personal /private data is being used for providing ads.

whatsapp privacy
  • The answer is no ,nobody is taking your personal / private date.
  • Companies don’t use your personal / private data they use metadata(data about data)


whatsapp privacy

1.When there are more selling of mobile phones during Christmas is a metadata . companies analyse these metadata and provide great offers at the time of Christmas in the upcoming years.

2.In google drive we save our photos and files.They don’t share your data but they  use your metadata.

3.Linkedin also use our metadata to show job recommendations to users and how many freshers are available to the companies.

whatsapp privacy

WhatsApp Privacy Policies

whatsapp privacy
whatsapp privacy
whatsapp privacy

WhatsApp is saying that all our data is temporarily in encrypted form on our servers.

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whatsapp privacy
whatsapp privacy

Why did facebook bought whatsapp?

  • Because of metadata
  • In whatsapp chats have more personalized information .if this chats metadata are used properly companies give offers such as vacations,mobile offers festival offers and lot more.
  • By this companies would be benifited and user is also benifited

But are we ready to share our metadata?

  • It depends on the user.
    • if users want privacy they don’t use WhatsApp and use another app for communication.
    • But here the situation is even he use another platform for communication everyone should be on that platform to communicate.

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